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The Future of Print Lamination

At Film & Foil we are fully committed to the Lamination industry. We are not settling for average results and, with our partners and suppliers, we are continually working to bring advances which put us above and beyond what already exists today.

The lamination industry is constantly facing new challenges and demands. All too common, Print Finishers are forced into taking shorts cuts to finish on demand, to meet customer requirements and deadlines. We take pride in our customers' work, and know what a problem this is product quality, finish and reputation.

Identifying the need to finish on demand, we have been involved in a co-operative product development group which is working to deliver the next generation of lamination film, the aim of this investment is to eliminate many of the technical difficulties relating to lamination. We believe the next generation lamination film will shape our industry, offering full compatibility with existing machines, but the ability to finish - and fold, cut or process on demand.

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