About Us

Film & Foil Solutions Limited are one of the UK’s largest converters and stockists of flexible packaging films, print lamination films and speciality plastics, paper and aluminium foils.

Film & Foil Solutions Limited are one of the UK’s largest converters and stockists of flexible packaging films, print lamination films, and speciality plastics, paper, and aluminium foils.

We are not a simple trading or distribution business. Working with us allows us to use our 200+ years of combined industry and market knowledge to support your day-to-day requirements as well as your new and challenging developments and initiatives.

We are confident we can provide commercial solutions to any flexible packaging, print lamination or speciality substrate requirement.

Everything we do is produced in-house, in the UK and to your exact requirements, which allows us to support a wide variety of industries from local bakeries to international supermarkets, printers, cable makers, food producers, flexible packers, greeting card makers and much more.

  • We produce bespoke size rolls and sheets which can be sized, printed, perforated, punched and folded to your requirements.
  • We supply what you want, when you want it.
  • We offer pricing that is so competitive you don’t have to import so you can buy from a UK source.
  • We reduce your stockholding and improve your working capital with fast, local, flexible supply.
  • We supply the best and most consistent quality in the market.
  • We offer immediate technical support and solutions.
  • We never let our customers down.

Print Lamination Film

We have the widest range and largest UK stockholding of OPP, PET lamination films for use with Digital, Thermal and Water Based lamination applications with a variety of standard and speciality finishes available. At any one time, our stock consists of a wide range of sizes and each of our films comes from a single source, ensuring a consistent quality and finish.

Flexible Packaging Film

Our range of Flexible Packaging films covers all polypropylenes (BOPP, OPP, CPP) Polyester (PET) and Polyolefin (PO), all of which we hold in stock at our factory in Haydock ready for next day delivery on standard sizes or quick turnaround on bespoke orders.


Film & Foil’s roots are firmly in Conversion, originally established solely as a conversion business. We have the UK’s largest range and capacity of Conversion equipment and experience to convert a range of film types as well as paper and foil to your exact requirement. We are capable of narrow width conversion from 5mm up to 1550mm. Our slitting, rewinding, perforation, punching and folding capabilities and capacity set us apart from all other UK converters.


We take our service commitment to our customers very seriously and by having the largest stockholding of film in the UK, we can ensure the best, fastest and most flexible service which eliminates all the hassle for our customers. Our investment in such significant stock levels ensures our customers are not at risk from imported suppliers and their extended lead times, port delays or unforeseen quality rejections.

How We Do It

We make a big commitment to quality, with a dedicated Quality Manager and the Film & Foil Promise working to ensure all our film meets the highest of standards both you and we expect. In addition to our commitment to quality, all of our stocks are procured from a single, consistent source, so from one order to the next, you know the quality stays the same.

Our Technical Sales Managers are some of the most experienced in the industry with specialist knowledge across Print, Lamination, Flexible Packaging, Food, Medical and more. With a wealth of experience available, you’re not just buying a product, you’re also buying into our technical expertise.