Supply Chain Management

Stockholding is a huge part of the Film & Foil business.

Stock holding and Warehousing

We hold a wide range of Lamination and Flexible Packaging films in stock, in both Master Roll and Finished Roll sizes to suit our individual customers’ needs and requirements.

Due to the wide variety of stock we have available, we are able to quickly and efficiently service and dispatch orders which are both straight, off the shelf sizes and orders which require conversion. We have the largest single-site conversion facility in the UK, with a huge range of conversion, perforation and folding techniques available.

We offer and promote customer specific stockholding solutions for customers, whereby we secure and stock fixed products and quantities to provide continuity of supply and stable pricing.

All stock holding programmes are unique and bespoke made for each individual customers specific needs.  Talk to us today so we can reduce your stock holding, stabilise pricing and make life easy for you.

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