Lidding Films

Polyester Lidding films from Film & Foil are high quality range of food-grade films ideal for protecting and sealing produce and readymeals while maintaining and displaying the aesthetic properties as well as improving productivity with excellent machine performance and bespoke sizing to suit your individual requirements.

Lidding Films

Our range covers both permanent seal (also known as weld and lock seal) and peel seal polyester lidding films, with and without anti-fog treatments, giving you maximum versatility when it comes to packaging and displaying your produce and goods.

Our lidding films are suitable for packaging fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood, ready meals and a variety of other food products.

Film & Foil Solutions Ltd have the largest, single-site conversion facilities in the UK which allows us to produce bespoke, customer and order specific film specifications to meet your individual requirements. We are able to convert, perforate, macro punch and centre fold films all in house.

We can also provide printing services on our entire flexible packaging range at extremely competitive prices.

All of our films are single source and we rigorously test and trial all of our films before accepting them into range. Because we don’t buy from multiple suppliers, our customers can have confidence that their film will be of a consistent quality from one month to the next.

Our factory in Haydock operates under strict controls that allow us to work in the food and medical industries.

The Film & Foil Promise exists to provide our customers confidence in the quality and service we provide. The Promise covers our stockholding, technical support, delivery, quality and conversion abilities.

Why not ask our team about perforation options for your lidding film requirements, such as steam ventilation, eliminating the need for manual piercing of films.

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Key Features

Permanent & Weld Seal


Plain & Printed Films

Macro Punched or Perforated

Anti Fog

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