Skin Films

Exceptional quality cross-linked Skin film combining excellent clarity, gloss and strength

Skins Film for product preservation

Skin film from Film & Foil is an exceptional quality, high clarity microwavable (cross-linked) film, available in thicknesses from 75 micron – 250 micron.

Developed for the flexible packaging and food industries, our film is ideal for red meat and fish products ensuring perfect presentation, protection and peel seal to a variety of PE, PS, APET/PE and RPET/PE trays.

This cross-linked film has excellent peel seal integrity as well as clarity and gloss factor, making sure your product reaches the customer in excellent condition. The vacuum performance of this film also provides excellent shape & mould characteristics, accurately sealing and protecting the form of the product.

Our Skin film has exceptional strength, with good puncture resistance removing the need for bone guards for bone and shell products. It also has excellent adhesion, preventing sagging when using with oily or wet products.

Skin film from Film & Foil is a versatile offering, compatible with all machine types including high speed lines making it a cost effective solution. Combined with our conversion capability, we are able to quickly deliver any width or length to suit customer’s individual requirements, maximising productivity reducing customer stockholding and reducing waste.

The Film & Foil Promise exists to provide our customers confidence in the quality and service we provide. The Promise covers our stockholding, technical support, delivery, quality and conversion abilities.

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Key Features

Excellent seal integrity

Exceptional Gloss and Clarity

Easy peel with all APET/PE and RPET/PE trays

Vacuum Formable Film

Excellent shape & mould characteristics

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