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The Film & Foil Promise is our guarantee to you that we will deliver, support and size your material to the highest quality.

Technical Knowledge and Support

Get the best solution to your technical problems from your own highly experienced, dedicated Film & Foil Technical Sales Manager.  Our technical knowledge combined with industry experience across all our market sectors will support you from concept through to production and right up until your product is in the hands of the consumer.

Quality, guaranteed. We are proud to supply only the highest quality products on the market. Unlike other film suppliers, each of our products is stocked from a single supplier so that you, and we, know that the quality and consistency will be the same from one order to the next.

We rigorously test and monitor our suppliers and their films to ensure they meet our exacting standards. Combined with our industry leading technical experience, we’re committed to resolving any customer issues quickly and effectively.

Everyone likes a good price without compromise!  Not only is our pricing highly competitive, we continue to provide added value through technical support, innovation and premium service; all carefully managed to ensure consistent, premium supply.

We understand you need stock quickly. All of our products in standard sizes are available to deliver to you the next day. Customer specific requirements are produced in house with the fastest lead time and no fuss.

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Technical knowledge



Guidance on films that are ideal for packaging which products

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