Megabond Water Based Adhesive

Have confidence in your wet lamination by buying both Film and Adhesive from Film & Foil.

Water Based Adhesive

Our tailor made, extensively tested water based adhesive makes us the one stop shop for all your wet lamination requirements.

FF Megabond is a cross linking, high yielding adhesive, carefully developed to produce consistent quality across batches, jobs and machines.

Superior bonding performance compared to other alternatives in the marketplace, our adhesive reduces coating weight by between 5% and 13% while maintaining high bond performance.

Best used in combination with Film & Foil Wet lamination films providing peace of mind safe in the knowledge that any problem you have with Wet Lamination, we will be here, and be able to help.

Talk to us today to discuss your joint Lamination and Wet Adhesive requirement for additional cost benefits.

All backed by the Film & Foil Promise, ensuring you get the quality, pricing and support you need for your business to grow and achieve.

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Key Features

Improved machine efficiency

Cross linking water based adhesive

Consistent quality

Sold in combination with F&F Wet Lamination Films

High solid content

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