Polyester Films (PET)

Polyester film from Film & Foil is a high performance flexible film used across a huge range of industries from Print Lamination and Book Coverings to Stationery and Food Packaging.

Polyester (PET)

With excellent puncture resistance, low water absorption as well as thermal and chemical stability combined with excellent optical qualities, Polyester is recognised as one of the toughest and most versatile flexible packaging films available.

We stock a wide range of polyester films ranging from 12 to 500 micron, with a variety of finishes including gloss and matt. Our polyester films are available in plain and one or two side surface treated, making them extremely versatile and able to meet your individual requirements for printing, heat sealing or laminating with adhesives.

Our factory in Haydock operates under strict controls that allow us to work in the food and medical industries. All our films are FDA approved meanwhile the Film & Foil Promise is our own commitment to quality, service and delivery to give you peace of mind.

We regularly publish a list of our available and incoming Polyester and OPP Master Roll stock, ideal for filling a stock gap or satisfying an urgent order at very competitive prices. To subscribe to the F&F Master Roll Stock List, see our stock holding page, where you will find a subscribe form to complete. When you sign up, we will add you to our mailing list, by doing so, the stocklist will conveniently drop into your inbox every Monday.

Our flexible conversion facilities mean we can quickly and efficiently service your requirements with lead times and stock holding options which guarantee your supply, save you time, money and valuable warehousing space while improving efficiency and reducing waste. Read more about our stockholding options

All our film is responsibly sourced to provide the highest quality, through a robust supply chain and stock holding we are able to offer single-source, consistent quality products at very competitive prices without compromise.

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Key Features

Good puncture resistance

Ease of printing

High barrier properties

Clear and White Films

Ovenable high strength and high gloss

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