Digital Lamination Films

Designed for durability and longevity, Film & Foil’s Digital Lamination films are used for digital print finishing. Available in Gloss, Matt, Anti-Scuff and Velvet Matt, all of our films are designed to achieve a premium quality finish ideal for book covers and jackets, magazines, leaflets, posters, gift papers, boxes, bags, calendars, business cards and more.

Digital Lamination Films

Our digital range of lamination films are BOPP based with an enhanced adhesive formula which provides stronger bonding performance and high tolerance to flexibility; resulting in a professional, durable end product.

This top-grade film provides a high clarity, moisture resistant finish to any digitally printed material while drastically reducing problems during processing, compared to standard lamination films and other digital lamination films. This is due to its superior adhesive and film quality.

Film & Foil’s Digital Lamination is also resistant to UV sunlight; maintaining and protecting printed media for longer. Our digital films also work well with Xerox fuser oils, providing excellent gloss effect and image depth, as well as extending the life of print machinery.

Our digital lamination films are also compatible with high silicone toners, such as those used on Xerox machines.

We supply this film in 24 micron gloss and 25 micron matt. As a specialist film converter, Film & Foil can offer job and customer specific roll widths, lengths and core sizes. This allows us to support you in maximising productivity and efficiency while minimising waste and reducing costs.

Film & Foil’s digital lamination range has a proven track record of performance with all machine and separation types, including high speed and smaller desktop machines. For bespoke, premium and high quality printers looking to further enhance the finish of a digital laminate, it can be developed by post lamination finishing such as die cutting, embossing, folding.

All our film is sourced reliably to provide the highest quality, through a robust supply chain and stock holding we are able to offer single-source, consistent quality products at very competitive prices without compromise.

Our Haydock factory operates under strict controls that allow us to work in the food and medical industries. All our digital lamination films are food contact safe and have EU and FDA certification.

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Key Features

Ultra high bond strength

High initial tack

Compatible with difficult substrates

Foil Blockable

Xerox compatible

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